Data integration and visualization

Data is one of the most valuable assets that a business can have right now. To harness this value, the first step is to collect and integrate data. Our Data integration suite offers a bundle of software components for visualization, management and analysis of measured data acquired from various data sources. Tailored for complex monitoring systems, the system stores all important data and metadata about objects of interest, monitoring instruments and monitoring sites. The data acquired from sensors are assessed using sophisticated data science and artificial intelligence methods. Real-time data monitoring tools provide a setting where users can observe time-series dynamics, inspect the evaluated data quality, compare data with control values, and receive warnings with custom level of sensitivity.


Making data-driven predictive models is a repetitive and time-consuming process that requires expertise in the field of data science.

Blackfox is a “set and forget” solution for automated and continuous creation, monitoring and self-improvement of data-driven predictive models. It enables you to effortlessly integrate AI into your business without worrying about scarce talent or expensive infrastructure.

Blackfox consists of two modules:

Foxbrain AutoML module for automated creation of optimal ML models through an evolutionary process. It automates most of the tasks associated with constructing and implementing a machine learning pipeline, that would normally be engineered by specialized teams. It significantly accelerates modeling process by automated feature selection, scaling, and optimization of the model architecture and hyperparameters.

Foxtail MLOps module for production, management, and deployment of predictive models on an industrial scale. It can handle thousands of predictive models simultaneously, providing continuous data synchronization and models health monitoring. In case of drift detection, it automatically retrains the models or invoke Foxbrain to reoptimize model hyperparameters.

OSICE - Optimization as a Service in Cloud Environment

OSICE is a cloud service intended for solving complex optimization problems in the distributed computing environment.

Solving real-world optimization problems is a privilege of large companies and research institutions, which can afford specialized expert teams and necessary computing infrastructure. OSICE simplifies optimization process and make it available to wide range of users, regardless of their financial, technological or knowledge level.

OSICE is an innovative, cloud-based optimization service that enable SMEs to implement optimization in their specific business and engineering problems, and to offer large companies a cost-effective alternative to their present optimization solutions.

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