Smart grid energy prediction


Smarticity is our new platform for optimal management of renewable energy grids. It automates finding an optimal pattern in energy consumption and production in case of facilities with renewable energy resources.

Smarticity collects and stores all the relevant data about production and consumption within a grid, with the aim to use them for creation of machine learning predictive models of various resources of interest. Creation of the models is delegated to the Blackfox, which will automatically create adequate ML models based on the data acquired from the assets, but also based on publicly available data such as weather conditions, public holidays, social events, and so on. The models created are stored in the model storage, ready to be used for consumption and production predictions. Once we have the models that can accurately predict production and consumption, we can easily simulate any realistic or hypothetic operation plan and asses its effects on the grid efficiency and costs. Based on these simulations, our optimization service OSICE will search for the optimal operation plan in terms of the selected goals. The obtained optimal plan then can be manually or automatically applied to achieve defined goals.

Don’t forget that Blackfox continuously monitors all the models, so in case of changes in the grid or in the electricity market, the predictive models will be automatically retrained or totally reoptimized. This way, Smarticity provides DSOs not only with a reliable digital twins of their micro-grids, but also with a powerful operation optimization tool that can help them to find an optimal pattern of energy production and consumption in terms of efficiency, environment protection, safety, and profit.

The project is financed by the Innovation Fund from the European Union PreAccession Assistance and from the budget of the Republic of Serbia, the line of Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.