What we do

Vodéna helps decision makers from various industries and businesses to improve their products or processes.

Whether you come from manufacturing, agriculture, retail, or finance, we are ready to join you in overcoming the obstacles, striving the bold goals.

How we do

We integrate, analyze and extract knowledge from your data, bringing an additional value to your business.

Making digital twins of your products and processes we create a playground for exploring the possibilities of their optimization.

Our ready-made or customized software products arm your staff with powerful tools for efficient and reliable decision making.

Our practice

observation Established on research

With a spotlight on state-of-the-art applied research we map established knowledge into innovative and problem-solving solutions

research and development Commited to development

Finding a perfect balance between cutting-edge and reliability, our solutions bring together usability, ease-of-access and top-notch performance

infrastructure Adaptive in expertise

Our team evolves through challenging unfamiliar problems, markets and methodologies by integrating novel approaches and accumulated expertise