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With a spotlight on state-of-the-art applied research we map established knowledge into innovative and problem-solving solutions

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Finding a perfect balance between cutting-edge and reliability, our solutions bring together usability, ease-of-access and top-notch performance

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Our team evolves through challenging unfamiliar problems, markets and methodologies by integrating novel approaches and accumulated expertise

Our projects

Monitoring system data integration and support

Interconnecting the structure of distributed monitoring systems

Distributed monitoring systems represent enterprise-wide building blocks with essential impact on the operational present and a sustainable future. With constantly evolving instrumentation and a tendency for geographical expansion, monitoring systems necessitate complex yet flexible control. Ongoing monitoring practice also results with a persistent data flow and the question of its storage, organization and presentation quickly becomes a critical issue. Monitoring system data integration and support platform provides a suite of integrated components needed for organization of relevant information gathered through a network of instrumentation. With primary emphasis on temporal data types and time-series data, our platform specializes in database administration, data analysis, modeling and visualization as well as management of derived data types.

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Hydrological modeling

Exposing the essential features of the water cycle

Water movement, as an infinitely complex natural process, presents a challenge for scientific modeling. Regardless of the modeling goal, be it for scientific understanding or for making predictions in practice, the process of creating, testing, releasing and presenting a model requires an intricate system of software components. Our solutions follow all aspects of water resource modeling and rest upon a data-driven infrastructure and hydro-meteorological database as well as on a set of physically-meaningful models accounting for climate, land use, pedological, topological and geological landscape heterogeneity. This combination allows tracing water movement from one regional area feature to another through the landscape of interest with possible flood forecasting. Also, owing to software component integration, model test benchmarks are greatly facilitated.

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Data assimilation support

Integrating observations and models

Many areas of human practice, especially construction-related, rely on a set of observations or measurements commonly used for detecting the occurrences of possible discrepancies in the emerging structure or regularity of the natural phenomenon. Essential dependency of the ongoing endeavor on the variability of the environmental and intrinsic factors warrants tools for effective data integration, from direct observations to numerical models or prepared simulations. Within this broader group, our solutions are fulfilling diverse data-related tasks, aimed at facilitating this process of integration, be it through data transformations, state optimizations or direct numerical analysis.

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Dam remediation decision support system

“Višegrad” hydropower plant on the Drina river

The sealing of underground karst conduits under the “Višegrad” dam was a very complex process, which required continuous monitoring and control. The goal of this capital project, financed by the World Bank, was to fill the conduits with granular material and concrete. In order to monitor the configuration of karst conduits during the remediation and to propose daily actions, we have developed a comprehensive mathematical model.

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Hydropower plant production optimization

Simulation based power production optimization

Based on hydrological forecast and the expected energy prices, power production can be optimized under the given physical, ecological and legal constraints. One of the largest hydropower plants in Europe required such optimization so we have developed an optimization solution. This solution is based on a hydraulic model and hydrological forecast, transformed into the river elevations and flow rates. Together with a hydropower plant operation models it gives a comprehensive hydraulic-hydropower mathematical model, a foundation of our versatile tool for simulation based power production optimization.

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